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Deed of Assignment for Website

If you’re looking to start an online business, or develop and grow one which already exists, the purchase of an already-established website can be a huge boon. It can take months or years to develop a following online or to climb to the top of the search engines, and if someone is looking to sell their website then the deal can offer great benefits to both of you. Likewise, if you are looking to sell a website you have built up over time, it might be worth a large sum to the right buyer.

You want to ensure that you do things right, however, as the internet can be a complicated place when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. If purchasing a website from someone, especially if you wish to maintain your position in search rankings, you will need to keep much of the same content, so it’s advisable to buy the entire site and online business – not just the site name.

Our deed of assignment for a website makes it easy to buy or sell an entire online business, without any of the legal hassle or potential problems. The deed is easy to download and use – just enter the relevant details where indicated on the template. Law on the Web makes it easy.