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Mutual Website Linking Agreement

If you’re running a website, the benefits of a link exchange – where you link out to another website in exchange for their linking back to you – can be numerous. Sharing the potential crossover audience between you will increase traffic and help to create a loyal base of visitors to both websites.

In such a situation, it may advisable to formalise your deal, and that’s where Law on the Web can help. This absolutely free legal agreement can be used where two parties who own websites wish to enter into a formal agreement under which they will each place a link to the other party’s website on their own website. It’s simple to fill out and requires no legal knowledge or great investment of time – simply enter the details where prompted on the template.

This agreement is not suitable where either party is to be paid a fee or other remuneration in return for hosting the link on his website, it is solely for use in situations where the parties intend on a link exchange.