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Website Sale Agreement

Business dealings on the internet can be complicated, and none more so than the sale of a website, with all the copyright concerns that can arise in such a situation.

That’s why we offer this absolutely website sale template for download. This agreement is suitable for use where one party wishes to sell the other a complete website, including all content, rights, design and intellectual property as well as the subscriber base and the business or activity which is carried out at the website. If instead you simply want to sell or buy the domain name (e.g. you should download our Domain Name Sale Agreement for this purpose.

This document, though written by legal professionals, requires no legal knowledge to use; all you need to do is enter the relevant details where indicated.

Once you have entered into the agreement, the owner of the URL or domain name will need to complete the transfer by executing a deed of assignment of a domain name (also available on Law on the Web) and registering the change in ownership with the relevant internet domain name registry.