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Complaints, Claims & Disputes

Writing a letter of claim or complaint can be difficult, as a poorly worded or heavy-handed letter could make matters worse.

However, we can make it easier to take that step – we offer template letters for a variety of different complaints, claims and disputes.

Complaints About Negligence

Write a claim letter to a professional or organisation who you feel has been negligent

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Flight Compensation Claim Letters

Write a letter of claim for compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight

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Holiday Complaints

Claim letter templates for when your holiday has been ruined by lost luggage or a bad hotel room

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Neighbour Disputes

Help with writing to a neighbour over a boundary or other dispute

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Sale of Goods Disputes

Claim letters for when you feel you were misled or ripped off over a product or service

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Other Letters of Claim

Miscellaneous other claim letter templates, including letters for council tax rebanding

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