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Letter of Claim for Professional Negligence by a Barrister

When you engage with a legal professional, it is reasonable to have the expectation of a basic level of competence in their specialist field, particularly when dealing in a trade which can have such vast repercussions on a person’s livelihood. It can therefore be distressing if you end up paying for a barrister whose level of skill is below par, but in situations where this harms your case, you may be able to make a claim for professional negligence.

This free document is a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to the chambers of a barrister with whom you have an ongoing dispute due to either his negligence in failing to handle your case with the required degree of care and skill, or because he has failed to follow your instructions or act in accordance with the timeframes and deadlines required by the law.

It’s an easy way to start a negligence claim and you don’t need any legal know-how or vast amounts of time to create your letter. Just download the template, completely free of charge, and enter the details of your claim where indicated.