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Letter of Claim for Professional Negligence by a Licensed Conveyancer

The purchase of a house is a big deal, and anyone with any sense will ensure that everything is properly in place before going ahead with it. Ensuring that a licensed conveyancer puts together a report on the property you are potentially purchasing is always an important step, but if the conveyancer’s services turn out to be below par, this can cause great trouble for you.

This is a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to the firm employing a licensed conveyancer with whom you have an ongoing dispute due to either his negligence in failing to perform his conveyancing duties with the required degree of care and skill, or because he has failed to follow your instructions or act in accordance with the timeframes and deadlines required by the law. In situations such as these, it is likely you can claim compensation if the conveyance failed to discharge his duty of care to you.

The form letter is completely free to download and requires no expertise to fill out. Law on the Web makes it easy.