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Letter of Claim for Professional Negligence by a Solicitor

Legal experts are held in high regard, but due to their importance of their work and the implications it can have if they should fail to perform their duty properly, professional negligence is taken very seriously in their field. If you have received sub-par legal advice from a solicitor, it’s advisable that you make a claim against them as you may be entitled to compensation.

This free legal document is a letter of claim, also known as a letter before  action, requesting compensation for the loss you suffered as the result of a solicitor dedicating inadequate effort, knowledge or care to the handling of your case. It’s easy to fill out and ensures a swift and professional response.

You don’t need any legal knowledge to complete this letter template, all of the relevant laws and regulations are laid out already for you. All you have to do is enter your details where prompted and soon you’ll have a letter of claim all ready to send off.