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Letter of Claim for Professional Negligence by a Surveyor

When considering a house of purchase, it pays to be diligent and ensure that there are no hidden problems with the property. In hiring a professional surveyor to look over the property, we expect that any unexpected issues will be uncovered, but if they produce a report which later turns out to have missed key areas of concern with the house, this can be hugely problematic. Fortunately, in cases such as these it is possible to make a compensation claim due to their professional negligence.

This is a template for is a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to a firm employing a surveyor with whom you have an ongoing dispute due to his negligence in preparing a survey report on a property. It can be used to set out your case, explain where the surveyor was negligent and state the amount of compensation you feel you are owed.

You don’t need any legal know-how to fill out this document; just download it, absolutely free, and fill in your details where indicated.