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Letter of Claim for Flight Compensation when Denied Boarding

There’s little worse than showing up at an airport in good time with your documents, tickets and luggage well-prepared, only to be denied boarding due to the airline company having overbooked your flight. These situations can be extremely frustrating as the inconvenience is all down to an inconsiderate decision made by the airline. While overbooking is not illegal, if you have been a victim you are entitled to compensation under EU regulations.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to is dependent on whether you chose to take another flight if it was offered, how long you had to wait for it, and the distance of travel, but it's guaranteed under law that you will receive some compensation, as long as you make a claim. Our template letter makes it easy to submit your request for recompense to the airline in question, and makes it clear that you know your rights and won't settle for less.

It’s free to download and simple to fill out, so don't miss out on money you're owed – download it now.