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Letter of Claim for Flight Delay Compensation

Many of us know the horror of a delayed flight, and the inconveniences and disruptions it can cause. Often the resultant problems go beyond merely having to wait around, and can lead to missed connections or even arriving too late for whatever you had planned. Because of this, consumer law sets out rules for these situations which enable travellers to claim back the price of their ticket if they are delayed for more than 3 hours, and also to claim compensation based on the distance they had intended to fly.

This is a letter of claim, also known as a letter before action, which can be used to complain to an airline where you were booked on a flight which was subsequently delayed. The rules under which you can claim compensation are plainly laid out within the document, and the clear wording and explanation of your claim will make it obvious to the airline that you know how to exercise your consumer rights.

This template letter is easy to fill out and available to download now. You just have to enter the details of your flight delay into the relevant sections and send it off.