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Letter of Claim for a Ruined Holiday

It's a holidaygoer’s worst nightmare – what was supposed to be a luxury holiday turns out to be anything but. Few travel agents promise anything less than a fantastic holiday, but there are some who sadly fail to deliver, ruining long-awaited breaks when the experience doesn’t live up to the brochure.

If your holiday was substantially different from the holiday you were promised, you may have a claim for compensation. Unpleasant experiences such as dirty rooms, construction work, unavailability of services and other such disasters have the potential to ruin your getaway.

If you have suffered a holiday that didn’t live up to the hype, our absolutely free template letter allows you to make a claim for compensation against your travel agent. It’s never been easier to make it clear to them that you’re aware of your consumer rights - simply fill out your details into the template and send your letter off.