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Letter of Claim for an Unsatisfactory Hotel Room

When choosing a hotel to stay in, often we have to take the owner at their word that the property is as they describe it. While on the whole this is not a problem, some unscrupulous hoteliers will mislead the customer over the quality and value of their services, leaving them confused and disappointed.

That’s why we offer this free template for a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to a hotel at which you had an unsatisfactory experience. For example, your room may not have been as advertised, or the services provided may have been inadequate. It makes a request for compensation for what you consider to be the difference between the price you paid and the value of the stay you received.

The form letter is easy to complete – all you have to do is enter your details where indicated – citing all the laws and regulations relevant to your case. While it was written by legal experts, you don’t need any expertise or legal know-how to fill it out. Why not download it today?