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Letter of Claim for Luggage Lost by an Airline

There’s little that’s more frustrating than an airline losing your luggage. You can easily lose a wide variety of important or valuable items when this happens, but fortunately the law agrees that it should not happen and it is on your side if you are seeking recompense.

This is a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to an airline which lost an item or items of your luggage when you flew with them. It lays out the relevant legal arguments and makes a request that they compensate you for the items lost. Airlines will often try to fob you off with excuses, but with your case stated so clearly, and citing all the regulations upon which it hinges, you’re practically guaranteed a positive outcome.

You don’t need any legal knowledge to complete the letter of claim; all you have to do is enter your details where stated on the template. What’s more, it’s absolutely free to download, so you really do have nothing to lose.