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Letter Notifying Neighbour of Intent to Trim Overhanging Tree

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare – your neighbour has a tree with branches which have grown so much that some of them are intruding onto your property. An overgrown tree can ruin the look of your garden and cause anguish and distress, so it’s of the utmost importance that you do something about it.

This letter should be used to notify a neighbour of your intent to trim the branches of a tree which are invading your airspace, as the individual in question has failed to respond to your request to deal with the branches themselves. Before sending this letter you should make the aforementioned request asking if they will resolve the problem themselves.

The letter is completely free to download and explains the legal basis for your actions, ensuring that your neighbour cannot catch you out and bring court action against you. Despite this, you don’t need any legal know-how to complete it – just enter the details of you and your situation where indicated on the template.