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Letter of Claim for Neighbour Nuisance

Everybody needs good neighbours - and the reason for this is that living next to a household with unpleasant or unreasonable residents can turn the mere act of occupying your own home into a nightmare. Many people don't know what to do when faced with a neighbour whose obnoxious or negligent actions impact on their own happiness, but fortunately there is legal recourse.

This free template letter can be used to complain to a neighbor who is causing a nuisance which adversely affects your enjoyment of your property and its value. You might benefit from it when, for example, a neighbor is playing music loudly and at unreasonable hours, or has allowed his property to become overgrown and unsanitary.

It's simple to fill out, but contains all the relevant laws and regulations, ensuring you know your rights - and they know that you are prepared to take legal action if they don't put a stop to their antisocial behaviour. Download it now and deal with the nuisance next door.