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Letter of Claim for Unreasonable or Excessive Noise by Neighbour

There’s little worse than a neighbour shattering your peace and quiet with loud music, shouting or any other methods of producing unbearable sounds. If you want to make a complaint to a neighbour and be certain of staying on the right side of the law, Law on the Web’s free form letters make it simple.

This letter can be used to complain to a neighbour who is causing a nuisance through persistent and excessive noise which adversely affects your enjoyment of your property and its value. It can be used, for example, where a neighbor is playing music loudly and at unreasonable hours.

There is no requirement of legal knowledge on your part, you simply need to fill in your details in place of the default red text and you will have a letter which politely yet firmly states your grievances with the neighbour in question, and establishes that you will take further action if their problematic actions do not cease.