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Letter of Complaint to Council about Noisy Neighbours

Your home should be a place where you are able to relax if you so choose, but inconsiderate neighbours can ruin this, and some of the worst offenders are those who shatter your peace with constant unbearable noise. Sometimes it’s not enough to complain, as they may already be the inconsiderate type, and at times like this you have little choice but to get the authorities involved.

This form letter can be used as the basis of a complaint to your local council about a neighbor who is causing a nuisance through persistent and excessive noise which adversely affects your enjoyment of your property and its value. This letter should only be used after you have attempted to resolve things by speaking or writing to the neighbour in question.

It’s absolutely free to download and, while it cites all the relevant rules and regulations, you don’t need any knowledge of the law to fill it out – just enter the relevant details where prompted by the red placeholder text. It really couldn’t be easier.