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Letter of Claim for Car Stolen from Car Park

When you park your car in a car park, you probably expect it to be safe and protected from any harm. It would be reasonable to think that the owner of the car park would ensure that your vehicle is kept safe while it is on their property, so if your car should be damaged or even stolen while it is parked there, it may be the case that they can be held responsible.

Essentially, you may be able to claim compensation if your car has been damaged or stolen while parked on private land where you have paid a fee to the owner of the land to have it parked there. Compensation could be requested on the grounds that the car park owner has breached his contract with you, or has failed to take reasonable care of goods which you gave over to his custody and protection.

Our template letter makes it simple to claim and sets out your case for you – all you have to do is enter your details when prompted. Please note that whether or not you have a claim will depend on the terms of your agreement with the owner and operator of the car park. In many cases the owner will not accept responsibility for theft or damage.