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Letter of Claim for Caravan Stolen from Caravan Park

It's every caravan owner’s worst nightmare – something bad happening to their caravan. When we park our caravans in a caravan park, we expect it to be protected against such hazards, but in some unfortunate circumstances, the unthinkable may happen and the caravan may be damaged or even stolen outright.

If you have paid a fee to someone in order to park a caravan on their private land, you may reasonably expect them to take some precautions against vandals or thieves. If you have suffered a loss as a result of their negligence, you may well be able to claim compensation on the grounds that the park owner has breached his contract with you, or has failed to take reasonable care of goods which you gave over to his custody and protection.

This template letter allows you set out your claim quickly and clearly. It includes all the relevant legal terminology, but requires no knowledge of the law to fill out – you simply need to enter your details where specified by the form. Please note that whether or not you have a claim will depend on the terms of your agreement with the owner and operator of the caravan park. In some cases the owner will not accept responsibility for theft or damage.