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Letter of Claim for Refusing to Pay Private Parking Ticket

Parking tickets are frustrating, but when they’re served by a council official with the force of the law behind them, it’s often very difficult to challenge them. However, if you have parked on private land and received a demand that you pay an exorbitant private parking fine, then the ticketer is on less solid legal ground and you may well be able to dispute it.

Private parking fines are based on the argument that by parking on the land, the car owner has contracted to pay this fee to the land owner. This can often be successfully challenged on a number of legal grounds. This free template letter sets out a counterclaim for you, employing a number of arguments against the idea that you agreed to pay to park on the land in question.

The template letter is easy to use and requires no legal knowledge to fill out, though it does make use of the appropriate terminology and state your case clearly. It's quick and easy to download and legally approved, so why not challenge your private parking fine today?