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Letter Requesting Council Tax Rebanding

Everyone has to pay council tax and, as with most taxes, very few people feel that the amount they have to pay is fair. With council tax, however, it is a somewhat common phenomenon to actually have a higher liability than your property should incur. This is because the initial assessment of houses for council tax was hastily done and much of it was based on generalisations rather than thorough investigation.

This template letter can be used to request that your local authority conducts a re-valuation of your property for the purposes of assessing whether it is in the correct council tax band. You may wish to do this if you are paying higher council tax than neighbours who live in similar size properties, as this may indicate that your house was incorrectly banded. The letter is free to download and simple to fill out, making it the easiest way to request council tax rebanding.

Please note that it is possible for your council tax to increase as a result of a challenge if it appears that your property was incorrectly valued in a lower tax band. You should not request rebanding speculatively, and should weigh up the potential risk.