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Letter of Claim for Damage Caused by Faulty Goods

Purchasing faulty goods can be a huge inconvenience, but that inconvenience can be magnified if the use of those goods should cause damage to property you already own. If a new cleaning product should instead cause harm to the item it is used on, or a spark from a malfunctioning television should set fire to your carpet, then not only have you wasted your money on goods which are not fit for purpose but you are in fact worse off than before you bought it.

Fortunately, the law requires retailers to take responsibility for the goods they sell, and they are required to compensate you for any harm caused as a result of their use. This is a free template for a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to a retailer who sold you faulty goods, the use of which resulted in damage to your property. It allows you to make a request for compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing the items which were damaged, as well as receiving a refund or replacement for the item you purchased.

It’s easy to fill out and download, so why not give it a try today?