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Letter of Claim for eBay Breach of Contract if Seller Refuses to Send Goods

The online auction site eBay makes it possible to find that dream item, but what if, after you’ve gone through all the hassle of maintaining your high bid and ensuring you're the auction winner, the seller decides they don't want to give you the item after all?

Bidding on eBay creates a contract between the buyer and the seller, meaning that the agreed-upon sale is legally binding and both sides are obligated to honour their promise. However, many people aren't certain how to exercise their rights and aren't sure what action to take if the other party doesn't hold up their end of the bargain.

Our template letter gives you an easy and clear way of stating your case to the seller, explaining the regulations they have breached and making it plain that you know they are in the wrong and will take further action if they do not honour the deal. It's simple to use and legally approved, the perfect way to make use of your consumer rights.