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Letter of Claim for eBay Buyer Rejecting Goods (Not as Described)

eBay can be a great way to find unique or unusual items or everyday goods at knockdown prices. The unfortunate downside is that you rely on the honesty of the seller in providing accurate descriptions for the items they are selling and not attempting to mislead you, and sometimes this can cause problems when they are conducting business in a less-than-scrupulous manner.

Fortunately, you are still in possession of your consumer rights, and under the Sale of Goods Act, goods must match their description; if they do not, the buyer is entitled to a full refund. This applies both to sales in the course of business and sales between private individuals.

If you have had trouble with an eBay item which is not as described, download this free template letter. It enables you to swiftly and easily create a letter of claim (also known as a letter before action) which can be sent to someone who has sold you an item deceptively. All you have to do is fill in your details and the letter makes your case for you.