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Letter of Claim for Rejecting Faulty Goods Bought Instore

It's always a disappointment to purchase a product which turns out not to work as it should, but that disappointment can turn to distress if the retailer in question makes it difficult for you to get a refund or replacement for your faulty goods. However, if they try to obstruct you from doing so, you should know that they are in the wrong.

Under consumer law, you have the right to a refund or replacement if the goods are faulty or not fit for purpose, and what better way to demonstrate that you know your rights than with a letter citing all the relevant regulations? That's why we offer a free template for a letter of claim or letter before action which can be used to complain to a company from which you have purchased goods which latter turn out to be faulty or defective. It's easy to fill out and will help you to state your case clearly and powerfully.

This letter is drafted and phrased specifically to cover goods which were bought in-store. For goods which were delivered to your home, please download our letter template for rejecting faulty goods delivered to your home.