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Letter of Claim for Rejecting Faulty Goods Delivered to Home

If you have purchased goods online or from any other kind of distance seller, it’s fair to expect them to arrive in as good a condition as if you had purchased them in a shop. So it’s a disappointment if the goods in question turn out to be faulty, as well as being worrying when you’re not sure what you should do in order to get them replaced.

Thanks to the Supply of Goods and Services Act, you have guaranteed recourse in the situation of goods which are not of reasonable quality and fit for purpose. That’s why we offer this free template for a letter of claim (also known as a letter before action) which can be used to complain to a company from which you have purchased goods which latter turn out to be faulty or defective. If the goods are not fit for purpose you are entitled to your choice of a refund or exchange.

This letter is drafted and phrased specifically to cover goods which were delivered to your home. For goods which were bought in-store, please download letter template for rejecting faulty goods bought in-store.