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Letter of Claim to Request Repair of Faulty Goods at no Cost to Consumer

When faulty goods are purchased from a retailer, it can be a tremendous disappointment, but they are required by law to ensure that you are compensated for this, whether it be through refunding, repairing or replacing the goods in question. Additionally, you can make a request for them to reimburse you for any loss you have suffered due to their supply of faulty goods.

This template is for a letter of claim or letter before action which can be sent to a retailer who sold you faulty goods, requesting that they repair them at no cost to you in addition to reimbursing you for any damage caused as a result of the goods’ inadequacy for their intended purpose.

The form letter is easy to download, and you don’t need any legal knowledge to complete it – all you have to do is enter the relevant details where prompted by the red placeholders. Download your letter of claim template today.