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Contract of Sale for Cat or Kitten

This document can be used to clearly define the terms for the sale of a cat, as well as giving the buyer rights if he or she has been mislead.

If you’re purchasing a cat, you want to be sure it’s up to scratch. Simply purchasing a cat with no contract in place means you may not have any rights to sue if the seller misled you over anything; for example, whether the cat has been vaccinated against common feline diseases, or whether it has been microchipped to help in its identification if it goes missing.

However, it may seem like overkill to have a lawyer draft up detailed legal documents for the purchase of a cat, which is why we offer this template document for use in this situation. For use in personal, non-business sales, it’s easy to fill out and covers the areas of concern that you may have when purchasing a cat.

This contract specifically disclaims any guarantee about the condition or health of the cat. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the animal to his satisfaction and to ask any questions which he considers necessary. Bear in mind that in a trade or business sale, these clauses may be unenforceable.