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Contract of Sale for Dog or Puppy

This document offers clarification and protection to both the buyer and the seller when they are engaged in the sale of a dog.

If you’re purchasing a dog, it can be a bad idea to just roll over and accept the claims the seller makes as truth. While the precise state of health of the dog can be hard to quantify, details like its pedigree and whether or not it has been vaccinated or microchipped are solid facts and you want to ensure that you are not misled about them.

While it may seem excessive to have a lawyer draw up a contract in such a situation, it’s still a good idea to sign an agreement stating the facts of the purchase. That’s why we developed our template sales contract for use when making a personal, non-business purchase of a dog or puppy. Simply fill in the agreed-upon details and have both parties sign it, thus ensuring that you have a permanent binding records of the facts as they were established.

This document contains:

  • specification of the agreed price that the dog will be sold for and how it will be delivered to the buyer
  • details of the dog, including its pedigree, vaccinations, and whether or not it has been micro-chipped
  • clauses covering property rights and assumption of risk

The document also supersedes and overrides any previous agreements and understandings between the two parties.

This contract specifically disclaims any guarantee about the condition or health of the dog, meaning that it is up to the buyer to inspect the dog and ask any questions about its health and condition. Bear in mind that in a trade or business sale, these clauses may be unenforceable.