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Vehicle Sale Contract

A document for use when selling a car or another vehicle.

If you’re purchasing a car, it can drive you to distraction trying to confirm that the vehicle is as the seller claims. In these cases you need a simple contract confirming the car's history, to put your mind at ease that you are not being misled. Most of us, however, don't want to pay through the nose to have them drawn up by a solicitor when we are already preparing to make a large purchase.

This is why Law on the Web offers this contract template for the sale of a motor vehicle. Designed for use in situations where an individual is selling a vehicle to another individual on a private basis, it's easy to fill out, simple to understand and provides you with peace of mind over your purchase.

This document specifies:

  • the price to be paid, and how it will be paid (as a lump sum, or in instalments according to a fixed schedule)
  • how the vehicle shall be collected
  • how and when ownership rights shall transfer to the buyer
  • that the seller has had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and is satisfied with its condition

It also supersedes and overrides any previous agreements and understandings between the two parties, and prevents any third party from trying to enforce any part of the agreement.

This contract specifically disclaims any guarantee about the quality or suitability of the goods, or their fitness for purpose. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the vehicle to his satisfaction and to ask any questions to make sure that the vehicle is appropriate for his needs.