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Letter Requesting Access to a Living Third Party's Medical Records

Getting hold of the medical records of another person can be incredibly difficult, even when you are legally entitled to view them. The law surrounding data protection issues can be incredibly complex, making your task unnecessarily onerous.

Fortunately, here at Law on the Web we have devised a simple solution. We offer a template letter for requesting the medical records of someone for whom you hold an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney, or for whom you have been appointed as a deputy for the purposes of managing their welfare by the Court of Protection. You need no legal knowledge to fill out the template, but it contains all the relevant legal terminology and arguments and when completed will make your case for you.

You can use this letter to request that a medical institution either permits you to inspect medical records relating to a living third party or provides you with copies of those records. The medical institution is permitted to charge you a statutory fee of up to £50 for copies of records.