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Letter Informing Debt Collector that Debt is not Yours

One of the few things worse than being chased for a debt is being chased for a debt you do not owe. Whether it is a case of mistaken identity or just an error in someone’s records, it's no fun to have to spend hours of your time trying to persuade debt collectors that they are in the wrong.

If you are receiving frequent letters or contact relating to a debt which you do not owe, you should draw this to the attention of both the company which claims to be owed the debt, and the company which is contacting you to pursue this. Our template letter allows you to lay out your case clearly and with reference to the relevant laws, making it clear that you are fully aware of your rights.

You need no legal knowledge to use our form letter – all you have to do is fill in your details where indicated. Under guidelines issued by the Office of Fair Trading, debt collection companies are required to cease pursuing you after a clear denial of owing the debt, and to investigate the matter.