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Letter Requesting Settlement Figure for a Debt

If you are in financial difficulties and unable to pay off a debt, you may be able to make a request to your creditor stating that you will pay off a portion of the debt in exchange for them writing off the remainder. This is often more beneficial for both parties as they do not have to waste time chasing you for money you do not owe, and you will be given a clean slate.

In such situations, though, it’s difficult to tell how much you would need to pay, which is why asking the creditor outright is often the best approach. This template letter should be used where you are unsure as to what figure should be offered and are requesting that the creditor tells you what they would be willing to accept.

The document is quick and easy to download and requires no legal knowledge to complete. With Law on the Web’s free legal documents, you know you’ll be stating your case clearly and concisely, making it the best solution by far.