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D8 Divorce/Dissolution/(Judicial) Separation Petition

This form is the one you need to complete if you are filing for a divorce, dissolution or judicial separation. It needs to be completed with all the relevant details, such as the full name and address of both you and your spouse (or civil partner).

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.

Once you have filled in the form you need to send two copies to the court (three if you have named a co-respondent). A copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate will also need to be sent to the court.

You will also need to complete a statement of arrangements for children form if you have children under 16 or children under 18 that are still at school or college. Two copies of this form also need to be sent off. It is also worth holding on to copies of each form for yourself.

A fee of £340 is payable once a divorce, dissolution or judicial separation has been started.