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D80C Statement in Support of Divorce/Dissolution/(Judicial) Separation - Desertion

When a decree nisi is applied for, the applicant must send along with their application form a statement confirming that what is in the petition is true. The form required will depend on which of the five facts of divorce was cited as the reason for the marriage breaking down. This is the form for desertion.

The form contains a number of questions which need to be answered in addition to a statement of truth which must be signed. A copy of the husband or wife’s response to the divorce petition should be attached to the statement and sent to the court along with the decree nisi application form.

Once the court receives the documents, a judge will decide whether or not a decree nisi will be granted. If the judge does agree to this, the petitioner will then be able to apply for a decree absolute, which will officially terminate the marriage.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.