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D80D Statement in Support of Divorce/Dissolution/(Judicial) Separation - 2 Years' Consent

Anyone applying for a decree nisi, which is in effect a provisional divorce order, will need their application to be supported by a statement confirming that the contents of the divorce petition are true. There are five facts of divorce which can be given as reasons for the marriage having broken down irretrievably, with each fact requiring a different form for making this statement.

This form is for when two years’ separation is the reason for requesting a divorce. This fact can be used if the couple have not lived together for a period of two years or more, although it may still be valid for couples who still live in the same house, depending on living arrangements.

Once all the questions have been answered and the statement of truth has been signed, the form needs to be sent to the court together with the decree nisi application form.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.