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ET1 Employment Tribunal Claim Form

If an employee has a dispute with his employer or former employer, he can bring a claim against him in the Employment Tribunal. The Employment Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear a range of cases, including discrimination, harassment, withholding of wages, unfair dismissal and redundancy claims.

In an Employment Tribunal Claim the party bringing the claim is called the Claimant and the party against whom the claim is brought is called the Respondent. Unlike claims in the County Court, if a Claimant loses his claim, he is not generally responsible for the Respondent’s costs, although the Tribunal may order otherwise if it appears that the claim was totally without merit, or the Claimant has behaved unreasonably.

The amount which the Employment Tribunal can award is capped in respect of a number of claim types. For example, in breach of contract claims the Employment Tribunal can award a maximum of £25,000. Depending on the type of claim that you are bringing, and the amount that your claim is worth, you may need to consider whether the Employment Tribunal is the appropriate venue.

You can use this form to start a claim in the Employment Tribunal. You must complete the form with your details and the details of your employer. You must also provide an overview of your claim, details of your salary and benefits and explain what remedy you are asking the Tribunal to grant. You can find out where to find the nearest to your workplace in our Employment Tribunals section.

A claim must usually be commenced within 3 months of the complained of events. Once it receives your claim form, the Employment Tribunal will review it and if it is an issue over which it has jurisdiction, it will inform you of this and will forward a copy of the claim form to the Respondent. The Respondent must reply within 28 days or else the Employment Tribunal may grant judgment in default.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.