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LPA002 Application to Register a Lasting Power of Attorney

By making a Lasting Power of Attorney, one person (the donor) can appoint other people (the attorneys) to act on his behalf and deal with his affairs when he loses mental capacity and is no longer able to make his own decisions.

In order to protect vulnerable donors from being taken advantage of, the attorneys cannot act until the Lasting Power of Attorney is registered with the office of the Public Guardian. The Office of the Public Guardian has the power to supervise the activities of attorneys appointed under LPA’s to ensure that they are acting in the best interests of the donor.

This form should be used to make a formal application for a Lasting Power of Attorney to be registered and should be completed in accordance with the LPA guidance notes.

Before making the application, the attorneys should serve notice on everyone named in the Power of Attorney using form LPA001, in case they wish to object.