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N1 Claim Form

You can start a court claim against someone by completing the appropriate claim form and asking the court to issue the claim. The court will require you to provide the completed claim form in triplicate – one copy will be for you, one copy for the defendant and one copy for the court to hold on file. The court will take an issue fee and will then stamp the claim forms with its official seal, issuing the claim.

You must serve the issued claim form on the Defendant in accordance with the regulations set out in the Civil Procedure Rules, although for an additional fee the court may be able to serve the claim form on your behalf.

The N1 Claim Form is a general purpose claim form for use in cases where there is likely to be a dispute of fact, such as personal injury claims and accident claims.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.

NOTE: if your claim is a simple claim for an amount of money less than £100,000 against a single defendant, then you can start your claim online using the governments “Money Claim Online” service at