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N119 Particulars of Claim Possession Claims

Whenever a claim is lodged, the Claimant must file “Particulars” of the claim, which set out the facts on which the claim is founded. These particulars should clearly identify the acts or omissions of the defendant which are unlawful, how and why they are alleged to be unlawful, the damage or loss which the claimant has suffered and the remedy which he asks the court to provide.

If the Particulars of Claim do not disclose a valid case then the Defendant may apply for them to be struck out. For example, it is not enough to say that the defendant owes you money – you must explain how the defendant owes you money, how did the contract between you arise, what were the terms of payment and how has the defendant breached these.

This form is specifically designed as a template for providing Particulars of claim in possession cases. It prompts the Claimant to provide all of the information necessary to establish your case, including details of any tenancy agreement, relevant dates, the amounts and frequency of rent, details of any breach of the tenancy agreement on which the claim for possession is based, and a description of any attempts which the Claimant has made to resolve the matter out of court.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.