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N121 Particulars of Claim Trespass Claims

In all claims, the Claimant must provide the Court and the Defendant with “Particulars of Claim”. This is a written statement which details all of the facts and law on which the claim is based. It should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate that there is a potentially valid claim, and should contain an overview of the relationship between the parties, the alleged unlawful conduct of the Defendant, the loss or damage witch the Claimant has suffered, and the remedy which he seeks from the Court.

If the Particulars of Claim do not disclose a valid case, the Defendant may ask the Court to strike out the claim. This form avoids that possibility by prompting the Claimant for specific details which will be necessary to establish his claim in cases where he is seeking possession from trespassers who have occupied his property.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.