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N20 Witness Summons

Although the Court will encourage the use of witness statements wherever possible, it is often necessary for witnesses to attend trial, either to give evidence or to be cross-examined by the other side to test their truthfulness. Sometimes it can be difficult to secure the attendance of witnesses at trial, either because attending court is an inconvenience for the witness, or he is reluctant to either support or give evidence against a party.

If a party is concerned that a witness may not turn up, he can ask the Court to issue a Witness Summons which compels his attendance. If a witness fails to attend a hearing after being served with a Witness Summons to attend the County Court then he may be fined, and if he disobeys a Witness Summons ordering him to attend the High Court then he will be guilty of the offence of Contempt of Court and may be fined or imprisoned.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.