N208 Claim Form Part 8 Claims

The N208 Claim Form is for use in cases where you want to make a claim under Part 8 of the CPR. It should be used in any case where you are asking for the Court’s decision and there is unlikely to be any substantial dispute of fact.

For example, you might use this claim form where you have agreed an out of court settlement and you want the Court to approve this in a formal judgment, or where you are asking the court to give a ruling on the interpretation of the law. Sometimes the defendant may admit liability and agree to compensate you, but there is a disagreement over the appropriate level of compensation.

In order to start a Part 8 claim, you will need to supply the Court with three copies of the completed claim form and an issue fee. It is your responsibility to make sure that a copy of the issued claim form is served on the Defendant properly and in line with the Civil Procedure Rules, but in some instances the court will serve the claim form for you on payment of a fee.

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