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N219 Application for European Enforcement Order Certificate Judgment

When a Claimant is awarded judgment against a Defendant, it can normally only be enforced in the jurisdiction (England and Wales). If the Defendant’s assets are outside the jurisdiction, then it is usually necessary to apply to the courts in that country for recognition of the judgment and permission to enforce it.

However, in order to reduce the obstacles to a citizen of one EU member state claiming against a citizen or company from another EU member state, the EU has introduced a scheme which allows judgments granted by any EU court to be enforced in any EU member state (except for Denmark, which does not participate in the scheme). In order to take advantage of the scheme, the Claimant will need to apply for a European Enforcement Order Certificate from the court that granted the judgment.

A European Enforcement Order can only be issued in claims which are undefended, and this version of the form is specifically for use in claims where there has been an out of court settlement or the Defendant has admitted liability.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.