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N219A Application for European Enforcement Order Certificate Judgment

Normally a judgment granted by a court in England Wales is only enforceable against assets which are in the jurisdiction (i.e. in England and Wales). If a Defendant is based in another country, or if the majority of his assets are outside the jurisdiction, the Claimant will usually need to engage a local lawyer to ask the courts in that country for permission to enforce the judgment.

The EU has taken steps to make it easier for Claimants from any EU member state to take action against people or companies based in any other EU member state by creating a procedure under which judgments granted by any EU court are enforceable in every EU member state. In order to make use of this procedure, the Claimant will need to go back to the court which granted him judgment and make a request for a European Enforcement Order Certificate.

The Court cannot issue a European Enforcement Order if a claim is defended or contested in any way, and this particular version of the form is designed solely for use in cases where the Claimant has been awarded judgment in default.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.