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N227 Request for Default Judgement Amount to be Decided by the Court

Once particulars of claim are served on a defendant, he has 14 days to file a defence to the claim, although this rises to 28 days if he has filed an acknowledgement of service. If he fails to file a defence within that timescale, then the law presumes that he is not able to defend the claim which has been made against him, and he effectively forfeits the case.

In these circumstances the Claimant can ask the Court to award him judgment in default.  In cases where the Claimant has made a claim for a specific amount of money, this is a rubber stamping exercise and is carried out by a court official. However, in cases where the Claimant is asking for an unspecified amount of money or for something other than money, he will need to make an application to the Court, asking a Judge to review the claim and grant judgment in default.

This form is specifically for use in cases where the Claimant has not specified the value of the claim and is asking the court to decide how much compensation he should receive.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.