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N242 Notice of Payment into Court under Order Part 37

Sometimes in order to allow a case to proceed, the court might require one party to make a payment into court, which is held until the end of the legal proceedings. For example, this might be the case where the Court imposes a sanction or penalty on a party for failing to comply with a rule, practice direction or pre-action protocol.

In cases where a party has made an application for summary judgment on the basis that the other party has no real claim or no real defence, the Court may decide to allow the claim to proceed to a full trial in cases where it considers that the claim or defence is possible but unlikely, but in these cases the Court may require the party which disputed the application for summary judgment to make a payment of money into court as security in case he loses.

This form can be used by the party making the payment into court to certify that he has done so.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.