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N244 Application Notice

Once a court claim has been started, either party to the claim can make a request that the Court gives some further direction on the management of the case, or makes an order. These requests are called “interlocutory” or “interim” applications.

For example, a Defendant may wish to make an application for the claim to be struck out because of some irregularity; a Claimant may wish to ask the court for a temporary injunction preventing the Defendant from continuing with the complained of activity until a final decision can be made at trial; or either party may make an application for permission to have an expert witness at trial.

The Court will usually decide whether to grant the application at a special court hearing, and this is requested using the N244 Application Notice. The Application Notice is completed and sent to the court, and is then served on the other party to give them notice of the hearing in accordance with the rules of the Court.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.