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N294 Claimants Application for a Variation Order

When a Claimant wins his case and obtains judgment, the Court will usually set the amount and frequency of payments which the Defendant must make towards the judgment debt. This will be done after considering the Defendant’s financial position, his income and outgoings and what he can afford.

If the Defendant’s financial situation improves, either because his income increases, his outgoings reduce, or he receives a sudden windfall, the payments which he must make to the Claimant will remain the same. In these circumstances the Claimant can make an application to the Court using this form, requesting that the scheme of repayments set out in the original judgment be varied. The Claimant may also wish to make such an application where it becomes apparent that the Defendant had misrepresented his financial situation at the time the original scheme of repayments was decided.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.