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N316A Application for Order that an Officer of the Company Attend Court for Questioning

When a Claimant obtains judgment against a Defendant which is a company, he will find it difficult to make informed and sensible decisions about how to enforce that judgment and what level of repayments to expect unless he obtains some further information about the state of the Defendant’s finances, its level of debt, who owes money to it, its assets and its sources of income.

Using this form the Claimant can apply to the Court for an order compelling an Officer of the Defendant to attend for examination. The Claimant will then have the opportunity to ask the Officer questions about the Defendant’s finances which he must then answer under oath. If the Officer refuses to attend for questioning, he commits an offence of contempt of court, for which he could potentially be imprisoned.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.

This form should only be used in cases where the Defendant is a company. Where the Defendant is a individual or a partnership, then the Claimant should use form N316 instead.